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Advanced role-based access control

The goal of machine builders is to get the best out of the product, services and processes. The access to devices must be always faster, more efficient and more productive. To achieve this, ease of collaboration is more important than ever. This includes sharing data with colleagues, customers and service engineers in order to optimise the machines. The advanced role-based access control is one of the major primary improvements of the new X4 Cloud, which allows you for the best possible collaboration in every aspect.

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Remote access

VPN, Edge, IoT… Different Types Explained!

There are many connectivity devices on the market to connect industrial devices and networks to PLCs. Connect the controller to the internet, set up a machine network, gain remote access or exchange data. Typical terminology such as PLC edge gateway, industrial VPN router, switch or IoT gateway PLC is used. But what are the differences, what are the functions, when do you need which device and in which applications is it used?

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