4 hidden X4 Remote features you might have missed

You might think that X4 Remote is all about Remote Maintenance and connectivity to get your machine ready for IIoT and Industry 4.0. While that is certainly true, our premium offerings Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify extend the platforms ability way beyond simple remote connectivity.

Smaller features of the platform

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In this article, we want to focus on the smaller features of the platform. Those that are hidden in plain sight and can make your daily work with X4 Remote much more effective. The following four hidden features can make a big difference in the way you use the platform.

  • VNC Picture in Picture mode
  • x500 Recovery mode
  • Push notifications
  • Easily copy your company ID to the clipboard

VNC Picture in Picture

When accessing your PLC remotely during a support case, it can be useful to keep an eye on the machines status dashboards while working with the HMI. You can actually do this in X4 Remotes VNC service, with a small feature hidden in plain sight. Look closely at the upper right corner of the VNC view and you will spot this icon . Click it and your VNC session will be reduced to a small window in the bottom right corner, which will stay with you on every page of X4 Remotes Portal app. The session will remain active and keep the small preview up-to-date. You can always keep an eye on your machines HMI even when you’re doing something else (e.g. managing your users) in X4 Remote. To return to your HMI screen simply click the mini-window and the VNC viewer will return back to its full size.

2. Recovery mode

Oh No! Something went terribly wrong and you had to factory reset your x500? Or one of your colleagues has inadvertently reset the device you were still using? By deleting the connection of the x500 to the device entry in the cloud, a factory reset leaves you with an offline device in the cloud database, containing all your logged data and settings.

There is an easy way to fix this issue. If you still have access to your x500 simply switch to the “More”-Tab of your lost devices entry in the Fleet Manager. Scroll down and activate “Recovery Mode”. This will make sure that the connection between your x500 and this device entry is restored once you register your x500 into the company again. This way you can easily regain access to your cloud-data and settings.

3. Push notifications

Our Cloud Notify premium service is very useful if you need to alert your maintenance team to machine problems. With a simple set of rules, you can send an email to your maintenance team in case of a machine issue.

Not a fan of email? Don’t worry, you can always use our Webhook integration, compatible with many messaging-services to send a message directly to their phones.

However, there is an even easier way – X4 Remote can send direct push notifications to your smartphone or computer. All you need to do to receive these notifications: Navigate to your user profiles’ “Preferences” and click the “Turn on” button to enable push notifications.

From now on you will receive all your messages directly on your phone or computer. You can even use the integrated filters in X4 Remotes Message Center to control which notifications will be forwarded to your device.

4. Quickly copy your company id

We’re ending the list with a small feature, you might need when you’re using the X4 Api or when asked about it by our support-team.

In those cases you need to know your company id in X4 Remote. This internal id can usually be found on top of the “Company Info”-section in the Admin app. There is a quicker way to access this information however, without having to switch from one app to another.

Simply open your user-menu in the top right corner. The internal company id is listed as the last item on the menu and can be copied to the clipboard quickly just by clicking on it. You can then paste the information right into your support request or use it in an API call.


We hope these little known features are useful to you in your daily work with X4 Remote. As we keep developing X4 Remote along the ideas and requirements of our valued customers, we’d like to hear from you. What features would you like to see in X4 Remote to make it even better? Contact us at any time using the button below.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of X4 Remote and the many benefits of our solution, contact us using the Button below.

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