Introducing the new X4 Remote interface

During the world leading Hannovermesse trade show on 12th of April 2021, Lenze.Digital launched the next generation of its Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform X4 Remote. The completely redesigned X4 Remote is refined in many ways to enable better collaboration, future growth and faster development in the management and service of manufacturing facilities. The new platform allows for more freedom to customise and set up your IIoT platform to best fit your specific needs, without losing the trademark Lenze.Digital user-friendliness.

New intuitive user interface

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X4 Remote by Lenze.Digital is a secure cloud environment with the necessary technology to make IIoT directly accessible to machine builders around the world. Its sleek and intuitive interface allows you to fully focus on daily tasks by eliminating the distractions of unnecessary information or functions. Lenze.Digital has also created a layout with as few limitations as possible to keep the platform flexible and future proof.

The new X4 Remote has been separated into four unique Apps: Admin, Fleet Manager, Portal and Studio.

These four Apps have been created to tailor the platform to the individual needs of every user, including the technician building the machines, the service engineer, and all the customers with various levels of technical proficiency. By eliminating the distractions of irrelevant information and unnecessary functions, you are able to focus on your essential tasks.

A closer look at the four apps in purpose and functionality.

Admin app

The Admin App hosts initial administrative actions. Here you can personalise the platform to correspond to your corporate identity and assign users roles and groups.

App functionalities:

  • Establish your company identity
    Insert company information, choose company colours and upload a logo;
  • Manage licenses and view audit trail
    Create an overview of active licenses (e.g., Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify) and view all actions taken in the company account;
  • Manage roles and groups for an advanced user management
    As a result of the platform’s redesigned role-based access control, the Admin App allows the individualization of roles and groups for each user. By making a distinction between colleagues, customers and service engineers, users are assigned access rights as necessary for their roles. Each user will interface with a Portal whose functions and look has been automatically adapted according to his defined permissions and personal device. This feature prevents security issues and unintended setting changes and ensures each user can focus on his individual tasks.
How to setup your company in X4 Remote

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Fleet Manager app

The Fleet Manager App allows for device management and configuration. Here you will configure your x500 gateways with the associated facilities and functional units.

App functionalities:

  • Add and configure devices
    A newly connected device will appear as new device in the X4 Remote. Once added, you can manage the device information, firewall and network settings;
  • Assign devices to groups
    Assign devices to a group and add pages using access categories, ensuring only users with permission for special devices can access the corresponding pages. As an example, this step can link various functional parts and machines to one production facility;
  • Add services to devices
    In addition to the physical VPN connection, supplemental connectivity services (e.g., VNC, HTTP and Websockets) may be added; 
  • Data sources for alarms and data logging
    With the premium feature Cloud Logging license, it is possible to establish a data source, variables and tags in order to monitor the operational data or connectivity status of your devices. A Cloud Notify license will allow configuration of alarms for special issues or operational conditions. A notification would be sent if, for example, the platform loses connection with your machine or if your facilities exceed defined operational limits in speed, temperature, failures, etc.

Studio app

To allow for comprehensive customisation, we have introduced the Studio app where you will discover countless possibilities to personalise your IoT Portal to best fit your specific functional needs as well as the needs of your customers.

App functionalities    

  • Customise machine cards
    Add components to the machine card which are relevant for the device;
  • Create dashboards
    Create and customise dashboards for each device, allowing specific display and monitoring use;
  • Add widgets
    Choose standard widgets or create your own with VueJS in order to link external applications with X4 Remote or to run custom calculations.

Portal app

The Portal app brings everything together. Here administrators or machine users will find an overview of everything that has been set up in the Admin, Fleet Manager and Studio apps. The Portal app is where customers and service engineers enter X4 Remote as system users.

App functionalities:

  • Overview of your devices
    View your devices that have been customised in X4 Studio and added in the Fleet Manager app in card, list or map view
  • Connect to your machine 
    Set up a connection via VPN or use a VNC, HTTP or WebSocket service to manage, control and monitor your machines remotely
  • Access data reports and receive notifications
    A Cloud Logging license will provide insights into your data reports found in the Portal app. A Cloud Notify license will send notifications and alarms with regard to important machine events via mobile app, SMS or email;
  • Send invitations
    Invite users to X4 Remote and collaborate all together in one portal.
A short tour of the new X4 Remote

To protect your personal data, your connection to the video streaming provider has been blocked. Click to unblock the video streaming provider. By loading the video you accept the video streaming provider’s privacy policy.

Get started with X4 Remote

Create your free X4 Remote account to find out more. Order your x500 gateway to try the platform for yourself!

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