Next-Level-Service: Digital Customer Portal for the Machine Builder

The sale of machinery is only the start of the customer journey. Most machine builders already know that to keep their customers happy, they must provide excellent service and support once the equipment is sold. Yet, according to a recent Oliver Wyman study, satisfaction levels for after-market services were 10–15 percent below customers' expectations.

A sell-and-forget strategy is dangerous, especially given that after-market is a profit driver for machine builders. Although after-sales accounts for only 10-30% of revenue, it provides stable revenues with significantly higher profit margins, 15-20% compared to 0-10% brought in by new equipment sales (Oliver Wyman).


The right tool for amazing service

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So, why do machine builders fail to capitalize on service-related offerings and struggle to deliver value to the customer? The problem lies in the fact that most machine builders do not have the right tools to help their customers. Unstructured communication, lack of insights into the installed base, and the absence of a unified entry point to provide integrated services and applications prevent machine builders from delivering the customer experience expected of them.

X4 Portal – A Customer Success Portal for Machine Builders

The X4 Portal is a customer portal for machine builders to provide their customers with efficient and cost-effective support suitable for the digital age. Powered by Lenze, the X4 Portal allows machine builders to provide end-customers with all relevant asset information regarding the installed base, including the usage information, documentation, service tickets, software updates, spare parts in one place. With the possibility to customize the Portal with their branding and design, the machine builder can maintain and strengthen their customer touchpoint.

As the X4 Portal can integrate machine builders and their customers along the value chain, benefits are created for all players as data is shared and new use cases and applications around services are developed. The Portal shares data between different applications for seamless integration. The Portal can also connect to X4 Remote, the remote gateway solution from Lenze for access to IoT data. 

Value from day one

For your Customers

The X4 Portal brings value from day one. Through applications, such as the Machine File, that offer transparency into the installed base, the user can get an in-depth look into the asset down to its smallest component. The machine builder can provide the machine operator with access to the asset hierarchy, device information, and documents in a centralized manner. The machine operator can access the required information with a click of a button. This minimises reaction time and helps machine operators to solve problems independently. With the Service Book application, service tickets can quickly be created, prioritized, and forwarded to the machine builder.

For your Service Team

Your service team is also empowered by having all tickets in one place with key information readily available for service technicians. With all necessary information about the customer, the machines, and the problem available, an immediate, accurate diagnosis is possible. Direct access to required documents, also saves valuable time previously spent on researching and manually gathering data from various places. Connecting device data to the X4 Portal opens the realm of remote support and further smart services such as analytics, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance. This connection can be made through X4 Remote, Lenzes connectivity and remote access solution, or any other gateway.

Benefits for your management:

  • Transparency into the installed base anytime from anywhere.
  • Increased competitiveness through lower service costs and improved reaction time.
  • New business models: for example, through monetizing the apps or providing them as part of tiered maintenance packages.
  • Information lives in the system instead of individual persons.
  • Scarce resources such as your employees can be used more efficiently.

Benefits for your service team

  • Fast reaction time: all information relating to incidents is easily viewable.
  • No loss of information on shift change: all changes are recorded in the service log.
  • Reduced time spent on non-value-added tasks such as document search.
  • Accelerated process due to structured forwarding of service requirements.
  • Fewer communication errors.


Benefits for your customer

  • One-stop-shop for digital applications and support from the machine builder for optimizing manufacturing processes and improving production efficiency and uptime.
  • Overview of the installed base and asset transparency.
  • Access to information at the machine, device, and component level of your assets. 
  • Easy centralized access to documents, manuals, pictures, and asset details to minimize reaction time.
  • Create tickets and request help from your OEM or machine builder with the click of a button.
  • Access all services of X4 Portal and X4 Remote with one account using Single-Sign-On

Forward-thinking digital solutions can help machine builders differentiate themselves from competitors and deliver best-in-class customer experience. Being part of the manufacturing industry, Lenze understands the machine builders’ concerns well. We can provide machine builders with the right tools for efficient support and service to revolutionize the after-market experience for the end-customers.

Start the after-sales revolution today

Want to know more about how we help machine builders ensure the highest possible availability of machines and systems for the customers through customer-oriented services? X4 Portal is currently in a pilot phase. If you would like to get early access to our X4 Portal as a pilot customer, contact us at to learn more about the X4 Portal and how you can be part of our pilot activity.

Become part of our pilot project

If you would like to get early access to our X4 Portal as a pilot customer, contact us!

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